Afshin Azhir

afshin azhir


Afshin Azhir is the co-founder of Precise Health Consultants. He brings more than 25 years experience as a physician and medical researcher. After completing his Doctor of Medicine, Afshin worked as a physician for five years and then completed his residency in pediatrics and two subsequent fellowships in pediatric nephrology (Australia) and anatomical pathology (Alberta, Canada). Afshin was an associate professor of pediatrics. Throughout his career, he has been published in a broad range of scholarly journals.

Most recently, Afshin has been working as a research scientist with several consulting companies in the healthcare industry, applying his expertise to systematic reviews and meta-analyses. In addition to his Doctor of Medicine, he holds a Masters of Health Administration from the University of British Columbia and is completing his Doctor of Health Administration at Central Michigan University.

He is currently a member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders and the International Society of Nephrology.